What is TopTradr?

TopTradr brings you all the elements you love about trading and takes it to the next level.

Providing you with the opportunity to follow the best performers, share the best tips, collect the most points and earn from your social trading network. Trade FX and other indices using the celebrated Direct FX trading

platforms. Connect to like-minded traders and share your tips and trades within the TopTradr community.

Take the challenge, increase your score, earn the right to call yourself TopTradr and win the opportunity to manage the equivalent of a million dollar fund. How?

TopTradr’s unique algorithm can identify your ability, based on risk/reward rather than equity.

So, if you would like to compete against celebrated traders, colleagues, classmates; if you want to access the experts and learn their strategies; then you need to be a TopTradr.



Make real trades using trading platforms from Direct FX.


Compete with real trades and see rankings, leaderboards positions ect.


Win prizes, unlock levels and achieve badges.


Like, comment and share other peoples’ trades as well as your trading activity.


The App

TopTradr is a companion app to your trading activities. Link it to an Direct FX Live trading account and trades that you make using Direct FX's trading platforms will appear in TopTradr and be processed using our unique algorithm to generate your score. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.


The Score

The TopTradr scoring algorithm evaluates traders by awarding points for low-risk / high-reward trades and equity growth consistency. Each trade is scored according to its risk reward, and the sum of those trade points is weighted according to the consistency of the returns on the account. Traders who achieve low-risk, high-reward trades - and are making money consistently - will have a high TopTradr score.

Your score is determined by your trading performance over the last 60 days of trading and is a rolling score. Find out more...


XP Points

Experience Points (XP) are given for trading, achieving and being an active and social tradr. Where TopTradr scores are tied on the leaderboard, XP are used to rank you.


Your Level

Your level increases according to the volume you have traded on TopTradr. This is reflected in the colored level indicator on your profile under your photo. Levels are only applicable to Live Tradrs.


(Level 1)

(Level 2)

Junior Trader
(Level 3)

Senior Trader
(Level 4)

Chief Dealer
(Level 5)

The Boss
(Level 6)


There are three leaderboards in TopTradr.

Daily Trade

The best trades closed on the day, ranked initially according to TopTradr points achieved followed by Profit as a percentage.


The primary leader board, ranking tradrs by their TopTradr score. Where there is a tie tradrs are ranked by their XP.


Shows the position of the participants registered in the current TopTradr competition.




Achievements are given as badges and can be won by making great trades, proving your influence by amassing hoards of followers, winning competitions and trading big volumes!


Direct FX Trading Platforms

TopTradr is a companion app to your trading - you can't trade in the app itself. For that you will need one of the excellent trading platforms provided by Direct FX. These include MetaTrader 4 and CQG FX. Trade on the web, on your iPhone or iPad and on any Android or Windows device.

Launch Direct FX Platform

Compatible with both Windows® and Apple® computers


Demo vs Live

You can use TopTradr with either a Live Direct FX trading account or a Demo Direct FX trading account. Both types must have been created through TopTradr or using a link by provided by TopTradr. You cannot currently link a Direct FX account created by other means. Tradrs with Live accounts have full access to all of the features of TopTradr.

Find Traders

You can connect with other Tradrs in a number of ways through the Find Tradrs screen, including through your contacts, Twitter, and Facebook. Alternatively you can simply search the whole of TopTradr.

Address Book

Scan your phone address book (unavailable on web app).


Search your Twitter account.


Search your Facebook profile.

Search for Trader

Your can search by username, name, email address, country and level.


TopTradr Competition

The TopTradr competition runs for 6 months or 120 trading days and uses the median of your TopTradr in that period to rank you. This is because only the best, most consistent tradrs will be rewarded with the opportunity to manage the equivalent of a $1 million fund.

Make sure you're at the top of the competition leaderboard on the last day of the competition to secure your prize!


University Challenge

Open to students of all ages and backgrounds, the University Challenge is a 1 month (20 trading day), international competition to find the best and brightest financial minds from around the world. At the end of the competition, the student at the top of the Leaderboard will win a $10,000 scholarship and an instructional course from TrainingTraders. Find out more...

TopTradr University Challenge